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Fully Drawn up Plans and Schedule of Works Exacting to Brief 

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Free Initial Consultation

An essential part of our assesment is to view your property and the space you wish to renovate, discuss your requirements and budget, make initial suggestions and discuss how much involvement you need from us.

A representative will come to your home and spend at least an hour discussing your requirements, getting to know you and understanding the kind of look and feel you want to achieve. They will complete a report of the space and may even make preliminary sketches and take photographs.

This is also your opportunity to ask us any questions and explore the options you have regarding the renovation work.

Following the meeting we will send you an initial preliminary quotation of the renovation work we propose to carry out.

Planning Stage

Once you have received our initial quotation and you are happy that we have included everything discussed during our meetings we can proceed to the planning stage of your renovation.

If external work is required which involves planning permission we will prepare all the documentation required including 3D plans and these will be submitted to the Direction Départementale d’Equipement (DDE) – responsible for county planning and highways. You will also be sent a copy of these plans.

Bespoke Burgundy will then call upon our local team of builders,plasterers, decorators, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, floor and carpet fitters, upholsterers and soft furnishing manufacturers all of whom are fully qualified and acredited by their respêctive trade / professional bodies.

Our estimates are based upon assesment of competitive rates from these sub-contractors who are carefully selected as to ensure the delivery of their workmanship to our exacting standards.

Budget Control

Once the budget has been approved and set, Bespoke Burgundy will maintain tight control throughout the project. The expenditure against budget is continuously monitored and regularly reviewed with the client. Any circumstances that require additional expenditure will need your written approval / agreement before we proceed.

Any additional work requested by the the client will only be commenced following the completion of a formalised change in the contract which will then be reflected in the revised budget.


If you appoint Bespoke Burgundy to project manage the works for you we now move into the implementation stage of the project.

We usually expect the client to clear the space of any personal belongings and furniture although we can arrange to do this for you if we are given advanced notice so we can plan it into our schedule of works.


Many fears and misunderstandings are generated by the different ways property renovation companies  charge for what appears to be a simple service. An important part of our policy is to offer a no-obligation  first meeting that is completely free of charge. You can test the water without any risk and should you decline our services we will promise not to hound you.

For maximun flexibility we can give you the opportunity to take advantage of break points in our fee structure. At the end of each stage the Client has the ability of carrying out some of the work themselves. This allows you to determine precisely the level of involvement Bespoke Burgundy has in your renovation project.