roofIt hardly needs to be stated that the roof is, after the walls, the most important part of the building. The condition of the roof is the deciding factor in many property transactions and it must always be closely studied when considering a purchase.

The roof is where renovations must always begin; there is little point doing any interior work before the roof is secure. A sound and solid roof will last generations and building one is a skilled undertaking. French artisans undergo years of training and lengthy apprenticeships before they can qualify to work on roofs.

There are many different types of tile and slate used in Burgundy, and a large range of prices to go with them. If you buy a house in an historic area, you may have to use old-fashioned tiles (tuiles de borgogne) in order to fit in with the surrounding buildings so it is worth checking this when looking at a property.

Even solid roofs need insulation; often old houses have solidly structured roofs which have never been insulated. Sometimes the tiles are good but some of the spars need replacing or the woodwork is sound and the tiles are not. It is very unlikely that you will find a renovation project that doesn’t need at least a little attention paid to the roof. In terms of budgeting this area is a priority and it’s vital to have a professional look at it before deciding on buying.