petrus-bertius-map-of-burgundy-burgandiae-com-france-1612Any project requires extensive planning, this is even more pertinent when you’re operating in a foreign country. The planning should preferably be done before the property is purchased; if the property is already secured then detailed plans should be worked out before any work is begun.

Every phase of the developing project needs to be assessed and detailed, and timelines relative to the changing seasons have to be factored into these forecasts.

Detailed planning and research is essential in order to budget effectively. The market is full of partially renovated houses, often due to incomplete planning and poor budgeting. These can be great opportunities: if one or two important undertakings have been already completed, a plan can springboard from these initiatives. With one or more boxes on the renovation list ticked, sometimes daunting areas can be avoided.

Planning permissions too, need to be investigated. These are needed for almost every aspect of exterior renovation and can be a complex process. Depending on the proximity of the church to your property, you may need clearance from the mayor just in order to paint your front door. While nothing can be guaranteed before the purchase of a property, the local council can give you a very good idea of the possibilities as well as an idea of the nature of the local community.

A large part of the delineation of the project is involved in the drawings. These are sometimes obligatory – and always very useful – when applying for permissions. They are also very helpful as the first real step from imagination to reality; your ideas really take shape in front of you. The excitement of describing renovation ideas to others often leads to the spontaneous grabbing of pencil and paper; it’s important to continue along these instinctively sensible lines. Sometimes an architect is needed, sometimes your own sketches are developed into precise scaled renderings. Potential problems are easier to spot in this process and mistakes are infinitely cheaper when a rubber is the only tool you need to fix them.

It goes without saying that, if you cannot be on site regularly to organize and supervise, the services of an experienced project manager are indispensible. If you want to involve us with your project, it’s best to contact us as early as possible so we can discuss your specific needs and develop a relationship where we fully understand your vision