Bespoke Burgundy specialize in kitchen and bathroom refurbishment, renovation and design. Our dedicated professional team provide a flexible, reliable service to those non-natives embarking on the often daunting task of renovating or buying in Burgundy. We have the hands-on experience to offer our clients excellent communication with independent specialists and access to all the necessary regulatory bodies. We manage a team of craftsmen and professional tradespeople who share our commitment to delivering the best possible work to ensure our exacting standards are maintained. We only employ  fully insured, trained, qualified people who are able to certify their work.

Our success is built on flexibility, experience, reliability, punctuality and strong communication: our clients receive regular updates throughout our projects, particularly at times when they are not able to be there in person. We understand the intricacies not just of successful renovation work but also of the individual needs of clients. 

Bespoke Burgundy is a collaboration of like-minded individuals that has evolved from over 15 years  of combined experience in home improvements and renovations both in the U.K. and France. The team has renovated, refurbished, reconfigured, improved, decorated, designed and redesigned residential properties over this time with attention to detail in every aspect from spatial planning through to minute interior design detail.

We are a small, reliable company who takes pride in being hands on from the start to the finish of every renovation project we undertake and we plan to stay that way. Getting to know the client and taking the time to visit kitchen, bathroom or heating specialists with them helps us to establish exactly what is expected and work towards achieving it with clarity.

Enjoying what we do is a very important part of our job, but equally as important is that the client enjoys the whole process along with us and ultimately the finished result.


Bespoke Burgundy founder, Jonathan Paul Tuson is a renovations expert, qualified and experienced carpenter who has transformed properties in both the U.K. and France.

After more than a decade of running his own company ‘Southside’ in Manchester as a roofer and general builder, Jon now runs the Bespoke Burgundy business in the North Morvan region.

In 2008, a year after arriving in France, Jon registered as an artisan with the Chambre de Métier after becoming inundated with requests, mainly from ex-pats, to carry out remedial work on their French properties.  In 2012 with plenty of renovation experience à la Française under his belt, he launched Bespoke Burgundy, offering consulting and project management services to help other ex-pats advance with building and renovation projects in Burgundy.

Jon and partner Rosie have personal renovation experience in France. They bought their first small property near Vézelay in 2007 which they renovated on a tight budget within 6 weeks. They are currently renovating their second property, purchased in 2008, which has turned into a labour of love. “This was the dream renovation” says Jon “a huge old abandoned barn, in the center of a pretty, rural French village brimming with bucolic charm. However, the sheer scale of the project quickly became a mountain to climb; we built every room in the house from scratch, installed new electrics, a complete plumbing and heating system. We also stripped the entire roof, part of which was in a collapsed state, replaced all the rotten carpentry and put the tiles back on re-using the original ones where possible (which was actually more painstaking than replacing them with new ones, as each tile had to be individually cleaned and checked before they went back up there). At times we have both felt like crying, especially after spending the first perishingly cold Morvandian winter in the house with only a woodburner for warmth, we thought we were tough, coming from the North of England but we just weren’t prepared for the enduring below zero temperatures, we soon realized the importance of pointing the outside walls!”

With these and other similar experiences comes confidence and know-how and this is what Jon aims to offer to his clientele. “I want people to know that they are not on their own, we have had the same problems with the copious amounts of paperwork you need to wade through to make a planning application, or the difficulty in getting EDF out to approve the electricity installation, only to be told you need to have a consuel first which takes another month of wading through bureaucracy to get. We made these mistakes, if we can save other people this time and annoyance so that they are able to relax and enjoy their French property then we are happy”.

When not at his home office, you can find Jon out and about around Burgundy visiting clients, managing renovation projects, eating potent cheeses and sipping fine wine!


Jonathan Paul Tuson: Founder